Motorpoint provides value for money and we are proudly serving Territorians according to their need, in fact we are selling cars Australia wide.

We do provide the below value package FREE of COST with our every vehicle

  • 2 Year Australia Wide Mechanical Warranty
  • 3 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Capped: Price Servicing (2Years)
  • Guaranteed Clear Title
  • Workshop Tested & Fully Detailed
  • 90 Days Stat Warranty
  • Full Tank of Fuel
  • Minimum 1 Month Rego
  • Minimum 6 Month Inspection

Extended Warranty AUSTRALIA WIDE UNLIMITED KILOMETRES available to purchase for our customers.

  • Basic 1 year = $ 675 (Cover $1000 each component) max claim $5000
  • Basic 2 year = $ 885 (Cover $1000 each component) max claim $5000
  • Basic 3 year = $ 975 (Cover $1000 each component) max claim $5000
  • Basic 5 year = $ 1275 (Cover $1000 each component) max claim $5000
  • Advance 1 Year = $ 1485 (Cover $3000 each component) max claim $15,000 
  • Advance 2 Year = $ 1665 (Cover $3000 each component) max claim $15,000
  • Advance 3 Year = $ 1785 (Cover $3000 each component) max claim $15,000
  • Advance 5 Year = $ 2085 (Cover $3000 each component) max claim $15,000
  • Complete 1 Year = $2385(Cover $5000 each component) max claim $25,000
  • Complete 2 Year = $2685 (Cover $5000 each component) max claim $25,000
  • Complete 3 Year = $2985 (Cover $5000 each component) max claim $25,000

24 Hours Money Back Guarantee: Right and Responsibilities

  • From the delivery to next 24 hours is the time frame you have to decide and advise us either in text or email (0416042269 or Once this period is expired, this offer does not count.
  • The vehicle must be returned by the customer at 906 Stuart highway, Pinelands during our office hours as the same condition.
  • You are entitled to get your trade in (If applicable) back as we will hold them till this 24 hours expires. If we are unable to return your trade in (Dealership is not responsible to explain), we will pay as per the trade in agreed value from the document provided by us.
  • In the event of financed vehicle, if the refundable amount is not enough to payout the loan then the money back guarantee will not be applicable.
  • Vehicle must not be driven over 100km and this policy will be void for vehicle already driven over 100km
  • In the even of a physical damage or dirt (If required to detail again), this policy may get void or customer might need to pay to cover the damage or detailing fees as per 3rd party standard cost.
  • Limited to 2 cars per customer per calendar year

12 Months Roadside Assistance : The way to get this service free

  • To enjoy this service free of cost, customer must need to ask the representative at the time of dealing as this service is provided by AWN Insurance and required to generate the policy.
  • Failure to ask our representative would not generate Roadside Assistance Service and dealership would not be responsible
  • To know more or read about the Terms & Condition of this service, please click this link here

90 Days Stat Warranty

  • As per the NT jurisdiction, applies to vehicle has travelled less than 160,000km and less than 10 years old will come with 3 month or 5000km (Whichever comes first) stat warranty. This warranty does not cover physical damage by customers and all warranty work must be directed to MOTORPOINT first.

*** The above VALUE PACKAGE is available to full advertised price only i.e If a vehicle is advertised $9790, the buyer will enjoy the package when full price is paid. Discounted vehicles do not come with Value Package

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