Premium Used Car Dealer in West Melbourne

Premium Used Car Dealer in West Melbourne

Buying a used car is an experience to which many people can relate. Often it conjures up images of a dusty open-air lot with a lot of clunkers on display, each showing their inflated sticker price and pushed by a slick, shifty-looking salesman. The days of these stereotypes are long behind us.

If you’re in the Melbourne area, you should know that west of the city has a new premium used car dealership that is helping change these old ideas. We are MotorPoint, Melbourne, and we are here to share our vision of a used car enterprise for the modern age.

What we do

At MotorPoint, our primary focus is on prestige brands, especially 4×4 and dual-cab vehicles, but also many more. When we bring in new stock, every car is rigorously inspected and tested to ensure it is worthy of sale. Our goal is to produce a product line of undeniable and superlative quality for drivers to enjoy with confidence. If you can walk into our premises, or browse our selection online and pick out your ideal car in a moment without a shadow of doubt, then we have done our job.

Why work with MotorPoint?

The fact is that there are many great reasons to choose MotorPoint as your used car dealer, wherever you are in Australia.

1. A new-car experience at a used-car price

Thanks to the special care and attention we give to every car in stock, you are sure to get that “new-car” feeling as soon as you sit in and start the engine to test it out. This is part of our unique approach. We don’t just clean up second-hand cars and sell them on, we work to restore them to as close to that brand-new feeling as possible. Even with that advantage, you still pay a used-car price, making it an even greater bargain than you’d expect when purchasing a used vehicle.

2. Easy online purchases with confidence

When visiting us in Melbourne, you’ll be able to test any car for yourself before you buy. This is the way many choose to purchase, but online buying is also increasingly popular. The problem, however, is how to ensure it’s the right car for you; how to avoid spending thousands of dollars on a prestige car that you then find doesn’t suit your needs.

MotorPoint has such confidence in your satisfaction with our cars, that we offer a 3-day returns policy on your car from date of receipt. First, purchase your car using our user-friendly online platform. Try your car out, and if for some reason you feel it’s not right, you can send it back, perhaps switch it for an alternative you were also considering. This opens up our service to Australians across the country.

3. Nationwide 2-year warranty

To further demonstrate our confidence in our used car stock, we offer all buyers a 2-year warranty for use in all of Australia. Where other dealerships hesitate over meaningful warranty periods for used cars, MotorPoint is so confident in our quality that we are happy to apply the 2-year warranty as a blanket policy on all vehicles we sell.

4. “Valet” Test-Driving service (Melbourne only)

Another unique feature of our service is the valet test drive. This service is aimed mostly at busy professionals, working mums and others who just can’t put in the time to come and test a car out. We provide a full test run for you at a rate of just $99, which we then waive should you decide to purchase the car. You save time while still ensuring that you get the ideal car to suit your needs. This service is currently only available to customers in Melbourne.

5. Full workshop testing and servicing

Any car that gets displayed on our premises or on our website has undergone comprehensive mechanic-led inspections and servicing. No car enters stock without first passing muster. This is more than just a simple roadworthiness test. We don’t go for just the minimum. Our policy is to apply rigorous checks and restore any lacking part to its “new” quality.

Finally – nationwide delivery

We are a Melbourne-based enterprise, but our business is set up for the whole of Australia. Take advantage of our unique philosophy and approach to premium used car sales, wherever you are in the country. It is our mission to supply you with the best-possible premium used car, so you can maximize the many benefits that such a car inevitably brings. Contact us today to learn more about our available cars and services.