Are you planning to buy a used car? If yes, then the primary source of getting a used car is through car dealers in Melbourne. The ideal part of purchasing a quality used car from car dealers in Melbourne is you have a substantial variety of options, many financial deals and at times even maintenance service free of charge.

However, the essential point here is that you must purchase a quality used car from registered car dealers in Melbourne instead of getting them from private used car dealers. The toughest decision comes when you need to choose a trustworthy Car Dealership Melbourne, Victoria. Not every used car dealer can be perfect, hence here are a few of the essential factors which can help you in finding out whether your chosen Car Yard Melbourne is suitable or not: 


The status of a used car dealer is a leading factor, which you should consider before making a deal. When trying to get reputable car dealers, all you have to do is to look up the local Business Bureau for trustworthiness reports of Car Dealership Melbourne, Victoria. This report could help you in figuring out some of the best and reliable used car dealer located near to your vicinity. Even you could as your friends and relatives for past used car dealers they deal with that deliver gratification. 


If you think that the price you pay is the total asking price of the vehicle, then wake up. That is not the case when you buy from a private dealer. Usually, car dealers include “add-ons charges” that may consist of car accessories, car interior accessories, undercarriage coatings and much more. At times some car dealers influence customers into buying them. But you have to decide for yourself if these extras accessories would be a real benefit for you. So, it is a sensible move to check the price of the vehicle you want to buy so that you get away from extra add-ons charges. Perhaps, you could negotiate these charges since all of these services would prove additional proceeds for the dealer. 


Before you purchase a used car from a car dealer Melbourne, ensure you find out their after-sales service. You need to ensure that the services the car dealers provide are right. These services include:

  • Free maintenance service – Make sure you find out whether the chosen authorised dealer provides free maintenance service or not? If he is, then try to find out what the duration of the complimentary maintenance service is?
  • Service rates – Each Car Dealership Melbourne, Victoria has different service discounts. At times also these service rates vary depending upon the negotiations, locations and other factors. As a result, it would be best to check the service rates cost by different car dealers in Melbourne.
  • Warranty – Most car dealers in Melbourne offer free extended car warranties when you buy used cars or service and scrutinise vehicles from them. So, it is always better to find out whether a car dealer offers a warranty or not.

Most next-door states work in hand to collect the sales tax amount where the car will be licensed. However, not all states do that, so perhaps you have to pay the sales tax when you authorise the vehicle in your country. So you will not pay the sales tax to the dealer. If you are financing a car out of state, the charge will be included on to your contract because the lender wants to ensure the tax gets paid, so that is not a car dealer fee but is a vehicle purchasing cost that you have to pay.  

The next car dealer fee is license and title, which is self-explanatory. The country determines this amount and the car dealer has no input whatsoever. No one can avoid this car purchasing cost. You can check out this amount by getting in touch with your local department of motor vehicles.   

The documentation fee is a car dealer free for processing all the car’s paperwork, contracts and documents. This documentation fee is regulated by every state where the car dealership does business. A lot of countries allow dealers to charge about one hundred dollars or so while some states also allow the vehicle dealers to charge as much as eight hundred dollars or more. Check with your state to be sure.


That is where it gets sticky because some car dealers tacking on all types of different car dealer fees. The most common one is the Dealer Prep Fee. Some car dealers include that on every car whether the car is used or new and tell the buyer it is a regular charge for preparing the vehicle for sale. As for new cars, read the window sticker very well you will see that most of them spell out that the price covers dealer prep as well, so charging the buyer is a way for them to collect car dealer fees. 

If the car dealership Melbourne, Victoria adds on any other car dealer fees, you have to question them and determine if you are will to pay the price. The car dealer has the right to include things on, but only if you agreed to pay them. If you are not at ease and feel that you are being taken for granted, then you should get up and leave. You are the buyer, and there are a lot of car dealers in Melbourne that would love to sell you a vehicle.  

Before you end up paying any phoney car dealer fees, you need to check with your state to ensure what exactly the car dealership is allowed to tack on to your purchase. If the vehicle purchasing costs go above the right vehicle purchasing fees beyond, you should tell them that you are not paying that fee. Most times, these people will remove them if the state does not require them because they want to sell you a vehicle.  

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