Common Problems with Cars

Common Problems with Cars

First of all, welcome to MOTORPOINT. In this article, you are gonna find all the information you will need to know about the common problems that you will face in a car, and the information about how and where you can get a quality used car in Melbourne?

Nearly every object that you ever owned in life, needs proper caring and maintenance. It doesn’t matter if that object is a piece of a tub in the house or an electric guitar on the stand. They all need proper caring and maintenance otherwise they will fail miserably. Once you provide these objects everything they need, then they will function properly without showing any damage or slow down in the performance. A car is basically the exact same thing as every object in the house, of course, it is far more expensive and provides your daily life a smoother route to reach your target without any problem.


If you are in Melbourne, and you are looking for the best car dealership Melbourne, then look no further than MOTORPOINT. If you want to get your car fixed or looking to buy a used car in Melbourne. Then we have everything you need in the price point that will leave you with satisfaction with the car and with our services. Finding a used car Melbourne can be very difficult for the people who have no idea what to look for because when people go for the used car, they miss out on a lot of things that don’t get listed on the seller websites. The information that doesn’t show on the webpage can make a whole lot of difference to the product.

That is why MOTORPOINT is considered as the best car dealership Melbourne. Because we provide all the details you need to see about the car to make your decision.all the cars that we have to offer. Unlike many websites that you will see on the internet, we at the MOTORPOINT provide quality used cars in Melbourne without putting weight on the cost of the car. Here you will find cars from reputable brands in the price point that you would find appealing without shooting overboard. All cars have certified buyers and have reputable brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, Honda, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, BMW, Holden, and many more.

We also run a mechanical check and service, where your car will receive a professional look at each element before getting out on the other side. All the cars will go through 99 points of safety checks before you will get your hands on the car back again. When you go to our website, you will get to search the vehicle that you want by filtering through a lot of options, the list includes the price range.

The Common Problems Occurrence

But a lot of times, when people buy a used car or a new car, they will face problems that will not have the answer or spot the problem in the first place. A car needs constant maintenance, especially if you spot the problem. If you are buying used cars, these problems will take the center stage, like most websites that sell these used cars, never verifying them on the authenticity of the car owner, and the proper running of that car. In these situations, knowing the problem with cars would come in a lot handy with the situation. That is why you need to know about the common problems with the car, so you will make the right decision of taking the car to the.

Car damage tends to harm other parts of the car if left alone for too long. Which happens all the time, especially for the newcomers, when they don’t know how to spot the problem in the car right away, even if they do spot it, they tend to ignore the problem. As we begin a car dealership Melbourne, we see this happening all the time. People tend to ignore a lot of stuff in the car, when they see anything brewing up in the car, they ignore it for a longer period. What they don’t realize is that they are in the way raising the damage cost of the repair that could’ve been fixed with a little bit of money. And sometimes not fixing the problem will jeopardize the safety of the car.

Sometimes the problem gets so much bigger in the car, at that point. Fixing will make the car run for a few more days, then at this point, you will have only one choice left, which is to sell the car. Fixing the problems at the right time will be the right decision that you should move forward. That is why you should always focus on the quality of the car that you buy. reputable websites will always offer you good quality over a non-verified model. If you want to get one, then visit MOTORPOINT to get a quality used car in Melbourne.

List of Common Problems with Cars

These are the problems that will happen in your car, no matter how much attention you pay to the car. As these problems are part of the common element. Without further ado, here is the list of problems that you will see in your car over the period of using it. Make sure to take the car to the proper manufacturer to fix it, if you happen to live in Melbourne. Then we provide one of the best car maintenance in Melbourne, as we bring the best car dealership Melbourne, we know how to handle the problems, so you won’t get to see the problem popping up in the car any time soon. Over the years we have dealt with plenty of problems in the car, as we believe experience defines the rate of success.

  • Worn Brake Pads

We often see the problem of worn brake pads in the cars, it is one of the most dangerous problems in a car. Many of our customers pay more attention to this type of problem as if they are not careful, then they might get involved in an accident. Here you have to catch the problem long before it fails. That is why you always should buy a car from a certified buyer because many used cars come with factory defects, a defective piece would wear down the brake pads much more quickly than ever. Being one of the best car dealership Melbourne, we have noticed quite a lot of examples of this being the case of many cars.

  • Uneven wearing out of Tires

Here is another crucial component of the car, while tires usually go through blowouts and flats all the time. As most of these happen because of the external forces. But in many cars, having a factory defect tire will make your tire lose the strength faster. If you feel any sort of vibration from your steering wheel, then your suspension would need an alignment. That is why you should pay attention to the tires and all the vital information about the tires, what brand they belong to, their run time. After the information meets the average number, then you should make the purchase. Otherwise, you will end up harming yourself with the purchase, no matter how much money you saved from the purchase.

  • Emission

This system is there in your car, so the person behind the wheel leaves less carbon footprint in the world. The O2 sensors will help you figure out how much oxygen you need to mix with the fuel. So your car would run smoothly without leaving a carbon trail for everyone else to see. Many people with a used car with no certification get faulty O2 sensors enabled in the car, which will create more pollution and less efficiency on the road. And it will not be hard to see the broken emission system in a car. That is why if you are looking to buy a car in Melbourne, with all the components that went through a proper safety check, then MOTORPOINT are the right choice for you.

  • Malfunctioning Sensors

Since we are on the topic of sensors, there are plenty of other important sensors that you will find in a car, they can have their own issue if they are not looked after properly. Some of these sensors could cost you a lot if they are not regularly watched or maintained properly. As most of the sensors will show some signs on the table, that you can spot it without any trouble, but there will also be other signs that will be well hidden from regular view. That is why manufacturing is the right answer to this problem. Replacing any sensors in the car can be pricey, it can take up to $250 or even more.

  • Cracked Windshield

The scariest thing about seeing a cracked windshield is that it can happen in a blink of an eye. You wouldn’t have the time to conjure the thoughts before you see yourself looking at the cracked windshield. In our car dealership Melbourne, we see this problem being one of the common problems that a car owner will face at any time. While a small crack may not be noticeable but a larger crack will harm the structural integrity of the car. One of the worst things about having a cracked windshield, if that crack happens in front of the steering wheel, then you have to make changes to that windshield fast before you get yourself involved in an accident. MOTORPOINT, also provide a mechanical check for every quality used car in MOTORPOINT.

  • Clogged Filter

The transmission fluid also has the habit of getting dirty over the use of the car. Once they get dirty, then the oil would start clogging over time, the transmission is a closed system, excessive contaminants will have serious defects on the system, to a point where the repair of the system will prove to be impossible. We saw this being the usual issue in many used car MOTORPOINT, a simple service every now and then will keep the problem away.

  • Transmission

This is where your power gets converted to rotational force or as it is known as torque for the wheels. Transmission is a gearbox, where this entire convert takes place. The gearbox tends to wear down over time. We at the car dealership Melbourne mechanics store see this problem all the time. When the gearbox wears down, then you will see changes in shifting the gears properly. If you are looking for one of the expensive components in the car. Then look no further than the gearbox. If you don’t fix the gearbox at the right time, then it is gonna cost more than you can imagine. Some people sell their cars because they can’t bear the amount of fixing it. That is why you should always be more important to the manufacturing process than paying a heck of money to replace something that could’ve been fixed.

Another common problem you would see in the transmission is the liquids breaking out into the transmission. The water that gets out from the radiator, it will soak the whole unit, then you will see the mixing of water with transmission fluid. Which always leads to a disaster. Transmission is very sensitive in the car, a short amount of water can ruin the entire transmission. The water will quickly wear out the transmission system and ruin the outer layer for the system. We have seen this happen plenty of times in our car dealership Melbourne, plenty doesn’t take this as seriously as they should when they come across this problem.

It is very important when you notice the water leakage, then you have to immediately take the car up to manufacture to solve the issue as fast as you can. If you are facing tough problems with the efficiency of the car, then you can bring the car to MOTORPOINT, by being one of the best car dealership Melbourne, we have seen these kinds of problems and know how to solve it faster with a lasting life span for the transmission system.


  • Leaks from Transmission

Transmission requires a special fuel to keep all the essential components lubricated. The transmission fluid works as a hydraulic fluid and coolant. Over the running period of the car, small holes will appear on the system, these holes would allow the escape of fluids, causing a leak. If the car loses its transmission leak, then in no time it will start losing the efficiency of the car from the leak. Once your transmission loses its efficiency, it will soon fail. Probably from overheating, since there won’t anything keep every component of the car lubricated.

  • Battery

One of the huge reasons for battery failure is the handling of the battery. The mistreatment and the defect of the battery will gradually drain the quality of the battery, up to a point of failure. While the recommended note for battery in a car has always been replacing the battery after every 3 – 6 years of use. But people tend to neglect this note, as they focus more on mistreating the battery by performing unnecessary actions, as it is very hard to keep track of all the bad actions people do in a car, such as leaving the lights on for all day. These will do a lot of damage to the lifespan of the battery.

  • Paint

No matter how much attention you pay on the road, there will be somewhere down the line you will get scratch on the doors, and sometimes a hard dent. If the paint quality is low, then a significant check of the paint will disappear from the wall. When the paint takes off, the only thing that will be left is the rusted spot. Which will lead to more problems in the future, if not fixed soon? Mostly it will cause huge structural damage. This will cost a lot of money if one is not too careful about this. That is why many car owners tend to fix the spot as fast as they can before making the damage spread to wider areas.

  • Leaks From Radiator

Most of the reason why radiator leaks happen in a car is because of corrosion. Sometimes the problem arises from low maintenance of the car to factory defects contaminated fluid. Many consumers from our car dealership Melbourne go for the replacement of the radiator than fixing it. Having a leaky radiator will overheat the engine, and in some cases, this will result in the fire of the engine. If you spot a leaky radiator in your car, then soon more leaks will follow. That’s why fixing the radiator will only resolve the problem temporarily, as many don’t see this as the right approach to handle the problem. That’s why many of the consumers that we get in our car dealership MOTORPOINT, choose to replace the radiator rather than fixing it.

  • Speakers

While this may not be an essential component to run the car, but you will feel really bored if it fails. Modern cars come with an extensive electrical system. The connection to the speakers will be part of the extensive electrical system, if the connection gets wiggle off, then you won’t get anything out of the speakers. Which will be a total bummer. The wire connections are very sensitive, the chance of these wires getting lost is more than you imagine. If that happened to your speakers. Then the best solution is pulling out the speaker then you have to manually reattach the wire for the speaker to work again. While you can take the car up to the manufacturer or any service center to fix it if you don’t want your hands to get dirty. But this is one of the common problems you will face, especially in modern cars. Just pull out the speakers, to see what wires that have been disconnected. Then you can fix the problem in no time.

Final Thought

These are the common problems that a car owner is bound to face at some point in the future, it doesn’t matter if the car is new or old. Taking proper precautions at the right time will save the efficiency of the car and your money. As most of the car parts don’t come in the circle of cheap, all of them are expensive, especially if the damage gets to the replace aspect of the component.

Now all these problems would show up on a car, it doesn’t matter how much attention you pay to each element of the car every single day. The daily running of the car will bring up all the problems. As you can most of the problem arises from a faulty component in the car and mistreatment. While the mistreatment can be solved from restraining yourself more or taking the car to the manufacturer to fix the issue. but there is another side to it, which is faulty hardware. This is a frequent issue that new car owners face, especially if they don’t have any sort of prior experience driving a car. As soon as they get a new car, they tend to put every informative detail that a driver should know before taking a drive to the backside of the car.

This is the cause of many problems people face every single day. If you are living in Melbourne, and you are looking to buy a quality used car Melbourne or better buy a car in Melbourne, the one that is freshly out the oven. You don’t have to look at any future than MOTORPOINT. There are many car dealerships in the town of Melbourne, but none of them comes close to the service we provide in our car dealership MOTORPOINT.