It’s quite normal for around a million or more new cars to be bought in Australia each year. Used car sales data is not tracked in the same way, unfortunately, but a 2015 report by Manheim estimated that used car sales number around 3 million units per year.

This data shows us that Aussies love a great deal on a used car. Furthermore, they have a wide range of choices when it comes to dealers. There seem to be dealerships and sellers to meet all budget levels and automotive needs. Those using the premium dealers will undoubtedly wax lyrical about the many benefits such a seller has brought. Those using the economy end might think [...]

Are you planning to buy a used car? If yes, then the primary source of getting a used car is through car dealers in Melbourne. The ideal part of purchasing a quality used car from car dealers in Melbourne is you have a substantial variety of options, many financial deals and at times even maintenance service free of charge.

However, the essential point here is that you must purchase a quality used car from registered car dealers in Melbourne instead of getting them from private used car dealers. The toughest decision comes when you need to choose a trustworthy Car Dealership Melbourne, Victoria. Not every used car dealer can be perfect, hence here are a [...]

First of all, welcome to MOTORPOINT. In this article, you are gonna find all the information you will need to know about the common problems that you will face in a car, and the information about how and where you can get a quality used car in Melbourne?

Nearly every object that you ever owned in life, needs proper caring and maintenance. It doesn’t matter if that object is a piece of a tub in the house or an electric guitar on the stand. They all need proper caring and maintenance otherwise they will fail miserably. Once you provide these objects everything they need, then they will function properly without showing any damage or slow [...]

Buying a used car is an experience to which many people can relate. Often it conjures up images of a dusty open-air lot with a lot of clunkers on display, each showing their inflated sticker price and pushed by a slick, shifty-looking salesman. The days of these stereotypes are long behind us.

If you’re in the Melbourne area, you should know that west of the city has a new premium used car dealership that is helping change these old ideas. We are MotorPoint, Melbourne, and we are here to share our vision of a used car enterprise for the modern age.

What we do

At MotorPoint, our primary focus is on prestige brands, especially 4×4 [...]

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