6 Reasons You Should Look to a Premium Dealer for a Used Car

6 Reasons You Should Look to a Premium Dealer for a Used Car

It’s quite normal for around a million or more new cars to be bought in Australia each year. Used car sales data is not tracked in the same way, unfortunately, but a 2015 report by Manheim estimated that used car sales number around 3 million units per year.

This data shows us that Aussies love a great deal on a used car. Furthermore, they have a wide range of choices when it comes to dealers. There seem to be dealerships and sellers to meet all budget levels and automotive needs. Those using the premium dealers will undoubtedly wax lyrical about the many benefits such a seller has brought. Those using the economy end might think they have no way to work with premium sellers. This is where they are wrong.

Today, our article is all about the 6 biggest reasons you should always favour premium dealers when looking for a used car:

1. For the Guarantees

Premium dealers work on a strong principle of quality, from the cars that they sell to the service they provide. Going with a premium dealer guarantees you a higher minimum level of surety when it comes to getting a car that is in optimal condition, works well, and is backed up by warranties and offers for part replacements and/or servicing and repairs.

When, for example, you have a premium dealer that is willing to offer you a money-back guarantee, as well as guarantees on the cars being title free, they do so because they have confidence in their product. A smaller, cheaper dealer may hope to make savings by not offering such extras.

2. Warranty

Following on from the above reason, we come to one of the biggest reasons to go with premium dealers — warranties. This type of guarantee is a reason unto itself. Smaller dealers tend to offer little in the way of warranty when it comes to used vehicles. On new cars, you can expect a 3-year warranty, but on used you might be lucky to get anything up to a year.

If there’s a premium dealer offering, say, a 2-year warranty on every used car in their selection, you find the reason to opt in. Premium dealers have rigorously checked every nook and cranny of the vehicle, and can say with certainty that what you’re buying is quality. They’re even willing to back that up with a solid, legally binding warranty.

3. Finance Options

Once again, the world of used cars typically doesn’t offer much in the way of finance to buyers. There may be some simple plans for those with high credit ratings, but by and large financing is firmly in the wheelhouse of new car sales.

This is yet another advantage that premium dealers have over standard ones. Since many models are higher end, it makes all the sense in the world to offer financing. This helps you spread the cost, and access the higher levels of the automotive world in a manageable and affordable way.

4. Choices

Premium dealers may be more select when it comes to marque and quality, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t spoiled for choice. You should choose a premium dealer because they can easily match the range of standard dealers, even with high-end cars. Better yet, since the vehicles are pre-owned, you also have more models and years to choose from to find something that suits you without having to do any customization.

5. For the Detail (not just cleaning)

Besides quality product, premium dealers also offer quality service. One very noticeable difference is the offer of detailing when the car is delivered to you. Where others may give it a quick power wash, premium dealers give your new car a full professional detail. Furthermore, they’ll perform workshop testing, and even usually fill up the petrol tank for you!

This is what sets apart premium sellers from the regular. They do say that you get what you pay for. Well, it seems that premium car dealers are delivering the most on that promise, while also offering great value, which brings us to our final point.

6. Because You Can

Words like “premium” make this type of dealer seem out of the range of many buyers. In fact, many premium dealers are offering the best quality at very affordable rates. Features like capped service costs, additional extras when purchasing (as mentioned in point 5), and the protection of warranties and guarantees mean you are often getting a final product/service that is worth a great deal.

Always Remember – Used Should Equal Premium

The image of the used car dealership has been rehabilitated over time, largely thanks to the work of premium sellers. They have continued to prove that with rigorous inspections and attention to quality and service, the premium dealer is the best place to get your used car. Take a look at the Motorpoint selection and see just how fantastic used cars can get.